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We take a fresh look at your products performance from the perspective of the user.

The approach we use distinguishes the user from the products buyer and the client company. In many cases the buyer never or rarely uses the product and client companies may have little experience of using the products their business produces.

We can also take a fresh look at your product brand and its marketing strategy to synthesise the outcomes with that of the product performance evaluation.

Having evaluated your products existing performance, our User Rich evaluation will identify new ‘added-value’ product features that can be used to create a revitalised brand. This process will include identifying and proposing a marketing strategy that is product lead.



How the User Rich R & D approach can revitalise your company’s existing product range and with an optional development of a new product portfolio.

The ‘User Rich’ process is unique in that it incorporates evaluation methodologies that go beyond conventional user to product interaction research. We assess why, what and how the environments in which your products are used impact on user interaction. Another key feature of this process focuses on the performance of the products semantics that influence the quality of the users interaction with your product/s. The implementation of a revisited brand and marketing strategy will allow the products to access your existing markets more effectively, and create new market opportunities.

How this process can impact on your product performance and your companies profitability.

The ‘User Rich’ R & D processes we use will enhance your products performance for the users and provide evidence for additional added value product features. The outcome of the ‘User Rich’ process will enhance your business’s competitive edge over other brands in your market/s and sustain customer loyalty to your brand.



We start by ‘unpacking’ your product range, the existing brand and your current marketing strategy.

Our evaluation methodologies identify how your products users interact with your product/s. For us, the users are those who use the products and not necessarily business buyers and retail consumers. The findings from our evaluations will provide evidence to redefine your products brand and revitalise your marketing strategy.

We employ user ‘hot spot’ evaluation methodologies.

The evaluation methodologies we use encompasses qualitative research and unobtrusive observations. We look for visual, tactile, audio, and if appropriate, aroma clues that form the largest component of the data collection process used to provide an in-depth review of existing and potential product usage. We augment data with ‘expert’ interviews to provide depth and rationale that form the basis of our design development approach.

We initiate and implement all the evaluations.

We take responsibility for initiating the evaluation strategy with client agreement. We will organise the evaluations in the appropriate product user environments and recruit appropriate users for the evaluation processes. If we are unable to evaluate in the context that the products are used in, we will provide simulated environments that replicate the actual product use contexts.

This process can take up to 4 months depending on the complexity of the R & D processes needed to effectively evaluate the product/s and the availability of users, experts and appropriate user context.

We provide all the data interpretation, product design development to definitive production.

We’ll analyse and interpret the qualitative evaluation data, and propose the design developments for the products that are sympathetic to your manufacturing capabilities. We can also offer a sustainable approach to volume and batch manufacture for the refreshed products that can increase your products’ longevity and reduce your transportation costs.

We will also be responsible with working with you to produce the brand revitalisation and a refreshed marketing strategy.

We’ll identify a revitalised brand and marketing strategy that will provide added value to your product range.

This section can be completed over two months depending on available R & D prototyping facilities.



The history of the UserRich product evaluation process.

This user rich evaluation process was developed from the R & D programme initiated by KanGarRoo, the host practice that specialises in the design of contemporary furniture for educational environments.

The research and development for KanGarRoo’s product portfolio is based on a rigorous programme of evaluation from the products users perspective.


KanGarRoo’s educational products have two distinct users groups, pupils and teachers, with differing ergonomic and intellectual requirements, which was the motive for developing the evaluation methodology that is used by the User First programme. Ergonomic and buyer evaluations alone would not provide KanGarRoo’s products with the added value use which, we believe, is the result of the User First process.



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